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Johns Creek

Johns Creek

Incorporated in 2006, Johns Creek is a suburban community in a 32-square-mile area, just 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. Known for its vibrant neighborhoods, the 76,728 residents have seen the active development of their neighborhoods since the 1980s. For many years, Johns Creek was a rural farming community. Today, remnants of the original crossroads communities that dotted the landscape more than 100 years ago can still be seen. Historically the early crossroads served as centers of social and business activities, giving residents a sense of community that is still evident. The early communities built the foundation upon which the city’s nearly 300 subdivision neighborhoods stand. Today, 26,041 households are in Johns Creek, providing an inclusive approach to making the city a quality community of safe and healthy neighborhoods. Visit for more information.

City of Johns Creek
12000 Findley Road, Suite 400; Johns Creek, GA 30097
Mayor, Mike Bodker —

Johns Creek City Council

Randall Johnson, Post 1

Brad Raffensperger, Post 2

Karen Richardson, Post 3

Ivan Figueroa, Post 4

Kelly Stewart, Post 5

Bev Miller, Post 6, Mayor Pro Tem

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