graphicgraphicAnchored to its past, the City of Suwanee also is progressive and forward-thinking. Reflecting these characteristics and the City's commitment to excellent service, the Suwanee Police Department is one of only a handful of agencies in Gwinnett County to be state certified by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. In order to receive certification, Suwanee's Police Department had to demonstrate practices consistent with progressive professional standards. Suwanee's website, which in 1999 was judged the second best in the nation by the City-County Communications and Marketing Association, is another example of the City's commitment to excellence and progressive use of available tools.graphic

The most important tool in building Suwanee's future, however, is the City's 2020 comprehensive plan. With input from citizens, the plan envisions a 21st-century Suwanee that will maintain its small-town feel, a city where individuals are important and development is designed with people and nature in mind.


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