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Economic Development


Thomasville and Thomas County provide the unique combination of great quality of life and the state-of-the-art infrastructure necessary to support business.

Located on the Georgia-Florida State line, our community is strategically located on six four-lane divided highways to serve the two fastest growing states in the United States. Florida has a population of over 17 million which, added to the nearly 10 million in Georgia, is a larger combined population than Texas, with half the land mass. In addition, our Georgia location provides major real estate and business tax advantages over the State of Florida.

A combination of an excellent transportation system, both road and rail, and high speed internet and telecommunications make this rural community capable of supporting Flowers Foods Headquarters. Flowers is one of the top two providers of baked products nationally.

Thomasville and Thomas County are designated as a micropolitan community by the U.S. Census. This means that the economic influence is over a greater area than the demographic indicate. Thomasville serves a population of 155,000 in a five county area of rural Georgia. With 122 industries it provides jobs for 40 percent of the area population and 50 percent of the total area retail sales. The real advantage of micros is great quality of life.

Learn more about the powerful state and federal incentives for businesses and industries that choose to locate here.


Thomasville and Thomas County recognize the importance of quality growth. At a time of shrinking industrial opportunities nationally, Thomasville has led rural Georgia with new project locations.


Thomasville has the enviable position of offering a high quality of life coupled with very aggressive rural economic development tools provided by state and federal programs. The OneGeorgia Authority provides, on a competitive basis, incentives for job creation in rural areas. Thomas County can offer special grant opportunities for industries that create new jobs. A Georgia Tech study found that the local economic development effort was so effective that more jobs were created in the community than population growth.

When a Fortune 500 company such as Caterpillar chooses Thomasville over hundreds of possible locations, it is a validation of the aggressive, pro-business attitude of community leaders.

With a strong, diversified base, the community has achieved a degree of stability that could be a national model. The percentage of industrial jobs for the community is 20 percent, significantly higher than the l5 percent state average.


Locating in a pro-business state and community is of critical importance to the success of a business or industry. Thomasville’s strategic location near the nation’s fourth-largest state provides it with the ability to serve Florida efficiently while enjoying the benefits of Georgia’s aggressive incentives for job creation.

Florida’s population of over 17 million coupled with Georgia’s 8.7 million, gives a highly concentrated market total population that can be served efficiently from Thomasville.


You work hard for your money, and it is important for your future to be financially secure. If you enjoy knowing your banker and receiving personal service, then you have a choice of eight excellent financial institutions from which to choose. They all tailor banking products and services to fit your needs – always with a smile and a handshake.

There are also financial planning service businesses in the area with advisors who provide sound investment advice.


Thomasville and Thomas County are particularly fortunate to have many local producers of a variety of fresh foods and products. Several began as family enterprises in the early 1900s and some provide all natural options.

Thomasville has the second largest Farmer’s Market in the state, bringing in fruits and vegetables direct from the farm six days a week. The Downtown Organic Market features organically grown vegetables and fruits and often has products from local producers. Eco-friendly items such as plants, flowers, baked goods and other all-natural products are available at the monthly Green Market.

Jersey cows and goats roam freely at Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, a family owned farm, where they produce fresh, hormone free, award-winning cheeses. Green Hill, a double cream cow’s milk cheese, has received first place awards at the American Cheese Society competition.

Most people are sleeping at 3 a.m., but not the cooks at Nanee’s. They make doughnuts, rolls, muffins and other delectables fresh each morning.

Thompson Farms is a local, family run, free range pasture raised farm and smokehouse that raises all natural pork and then smokes it or salt cures it the old-fashioned way. No growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics or chemical herbicides, just naturally raised. Their peppered bacon is a specialty.

While strolling down Main Street, the smells can be mouthwatering. Flowers Foods, a Fortune 500 company, was founded in Thomasville in 1919 as a small family bakery and is now a baking leader with 36 bakeries around the country. Today, still headquartered in downtown, the smells of fresh bread or rolls waft through the air.

For almost a century in Boston (Georgia, that is), Dillon Candy Company has satisfied that sweet tooth by creating artfully fashioned gourmet specialty nut candies, including handmade brittles and other nut confections such as Pecan Divinity.

On a farm near Thomasville, Blackberry Patch harvests the freshest local fruit and preserves them in sensational jams, jellies and fruit syrups. Their recipes are the old-fashioned kind passed down through generations and made from all natural local ingredients like Wild Mayhaw Jelly, a local favorite.

Looking for 100 percent pure ground beef just like your ancestors had? Grass fed beef, devoid of grain supplements, is available today from KBH Farms. The rotational grazing in open pastures is a stress free environment for cattle. Without the antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids so common today, KBH Farms provides a natural product that has the genuine beef flavor you deserve.

South Georgia is known for its pecans. W.G. Hamil is family owned and operated, offering a full line of shelled pecans, nuts, candy, jellies and syrups.

Nice to know that Thomasville and Thomas County offer so many feel good and good for you selections.


Economic Development

Thomasville has excellent road access with six four-lane divided highways providing access to Interstate 75 to the east and Interstate 10 to the south.

The Port of Savannah provides one of the largest port facilities on the East Coast. Jacksonville’s Port is 150 miles east on the Atlantic, and Panama City provides access to Central America.

CSX is the principal rail provider, and a major switching yard is located in the City of Thomasville.

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