Aurora Education

When you meet a student from an Aurora school, the scope and depth of their educational experience becomes readily apparent. Because they’ve been trained by dedicated professionals and benefited from the latest in classroom technology, today’s Aurora graduates are eminently qualified to become tomorrow’s success stories.

Aurora’s three public school districts work with educators, parents and pupils to focus on educational excellence in a progressive environment. Administrators remain abreast of the latest educational tools, continually looking for ways to improve students’ lives. As an example of Aurora’s commitment to education, as early as 1995, when the Internet was still relatively new within the public sphere, Aurora became the first large city in the U.S. to connect all of its schools to the World Wide Web. Creating well-rounded, thoughtful adults is a goal for Aurora administrators, therefore students have access to a full slate of extracurricular activities, special interest groups and sports programs to complete a balanced curriculum.

In addition to the public districts, Aurora provides educational alternatives for families seeking private education for their children. They can choose from among the 19 private/parochial schools available including nine parochial elementary schools, Marmion Academy, Rosary High School, and Aurora Central, a Christian high school, as well as six other Protestant schools that offer instruction from preschool through grade 8.

Aurora is proud to also have one of only three schools in the nation of its kind, the Illinois Math and Science Academy. IMSA is designed to develop the scientific and mathematical skills of the state’s most gifted students in an accelerated three-year curriculum. The results speak for themselves. Students at this public residential high school regularly score in the top 1% of the nation in ACT performance scores.

To learn more about Aurora’s cultural past or to find the latest information on any subject, through books, videos, CD-ROMs, or the Internet, check out the Aurora Public Library. Its extensive reference collection provides a diverse, educational, cultural, and recreational resource to the community and is open to all residents.

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