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Aurora’s economy flourishes like never before. Relying on brisk retail sales and trade, information technology, research and development, manufacturing, distribution and entertainment, these industries have expanded and diversified at a rapid pace within the last few decades. Aurora’s economic strength shows in the businesses that thrive in the stable economic environment you will find throughout the Fox Valley area. There are Fortune 500 companies, national corporations, and manufacturing giants, as well as hundreds of small businesses and home-based businesses. In addition, restaurants, bookstores, car dealerships, gas stations, and countless other retailers profit from the city’s recent expansion. From the central city that has been transformed during the past few decades to the expanding neighborhood business districts, the growth of Aurora’s business community is evident. Since 1990, there has been $640 million in commercial and industrial development. From 1994 to 1999, commercial development has generated more than 2,000 new jobs each year. In 1999, 2,043 new jobs resulted from Aurora’s $74 million investment in new commercial/industrial construction by such companies as Cabot Corporation, Hartford Financial Services, Merchants Home Delivery/Bay Furniture, and Meijer, Inc. In the same year, almost 584,000 square feet of new retail space was added to the city.

Aurora-based companies, including Process Plastic, Caterpillar, Weyerhauser, Toyota, and JVC Corporation of America, utilize our sophisticated logistics network to maintain maximum supply levels, ship products abroad and optimize communications. Overall, they employ more than 70,000 people from a growing population that provides a highly educated, skilled and dedicated labor force.

Aurora has several business parks available in various sizes for commercial, industrial and retail use. There are 15 major business parks, totaling 4,040 acres and numerous other sites suitable for large or small businesses. They house Fortune 500 companies and scores of small manufacturing and service industries. Meridian Business Campus, near the intersection of Route 59 and I-88, is home to Cabot Corporation, a manufacturer of liquid abrasives for the semi-conductor industry, and Genera Corporation, a distributor of automotive replacement parts. Meadow Lakes Corporate Park, located on Ogden just east of Route 59, is the site of B.A. Die Mold, a tool and die production plant, and Portillo’s Food Services, Inc., a meat-processing plant. Clorox, Reliant Energy, Conway Integrated Services, and Merchant’s Home Delivery/Bay Furniture are located in the Butterfield Center for Business and Industry, at Eola Road and I-88, while Diamond Envelope occupies a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility in White Oak Business Park, near I-88 and Eola Road. Further expansion continues along the Orchard Road Corridor, on the city’s west side, and at the Prime Aurora Business Park, at I-88 and Randall Road. As new companies break ground, the Greater Aurora Chamber of Commerce will be there to assist them every step of the way.

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