Aurora Industry


With a strong and active Chamber of Commerce, growing labor force, superb educational system, a wealth of available land, numerous business parks, economic incentives, and a business-friendly infrastructure, the City of Aurora continues to attract a multitude of new commercial and industrial enterprises. More than five dozen companies manufacturing diverse products, ranging from earth-moving equipment to ice cream, operate out of Aurora. Here you will find industrial, high-tech, warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing companies flourishing. Home to multiple business and corporate parks, Aurora provides the space, labor, transportation and communications infrastructure industry needs to build and expand.

Aurora’s total labor force exceeds 70,000, while the greater Aurora area labor force encompassing the western suburban Chicago region is estimated at more than 220,000. Aurora, growing at a rate of 3,000 per year, has a large and diverse labor pool drawn from a population of the second largest community in Illinois. An abundance of labor assures employers of continued competitive labor costs and a loyal work force committed to the area. This fast-growing labor force is well prepared through excellent schools, colleges and several universities.

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