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Welcome to the Barrington Area

Hello neighbor! Welcome to the Barrington Area – a community rich in resources. From lush landscapes and quaint downtowns, to thriving businesses and an active community scene, the Barrington Area is a sought-after destination where people want to live, work and enjoy.

Each year the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) produces two key resource publications that give you access to the hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, community groups and governmental leaders – who are the heart and soul of our communities. When you’re looking for products and services, use this handy guide to support them, or visit our BACC website at

BACC members are people you know and see raising their families in your community, picking up groceries in town, dining at the restaurant down the street, and investing in the welfare of the people who live here. Our organization is at the root of bringing the business community together to succeed, celebrate and keep your neighborhoods energized.

Never underestimate the role you can play in keeping your community thriving. When you buy local, your dollar reaches farther – your purchases impact you, your family and your neighbor. So each time you spend a dollar, make your choices here – Shop and Support Local. Use BACC as your resource guide.

Suzanne Corr, President/CEO
Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce

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