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Invest in the Barrington Region

Dear Neighbors, Business Colleagues, and Friends:

We live in a community where sinking your heart and soul into your endeavors is a way of life. Welcome to the Barrington area, a community rich in compassion, success and beauty. People here invest in their families and those around them – building a strong sense of community where families want to live, learn and explore.

The Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) is proud to bring you this latest edition of our BACC Regional Magazine & Resource Directory. This publication provides a roundup of important information on our region and a comprehensive directory of the business, governmental and community resources that make the Barrington area unique.

On the pages here are the people, businesses, community groups, and leaders who invest in the welfare of our neighborhoods. Investing in our communities doesn’t just mean building a brick-and-mortar business – it means putting a piece of yourself into building a wonderful community.

So, we ask you to invest back. Please use this resource, support these dedicated business owners and community leaders as you plan your life here in the Barrington region.

BACC is the largest business organization in our region, one of the most active chambers in the area, and a dedicated stakeholder in the welfare of our community. With nearly 200 events a year, our efforts are dedicated to a prosperous business landscape. Our membership includes small business owners, local retail merchants, restaurants, professionals representing numerous specialties, medical professionals and health care providers, community groups and organizations, nonprofits, villages and government leaders, large financial institutions, corporations, and more.

Our members volunteer in the schools, get passionate about helping others and raise thousands of dollars to give back to those in need. BACC is so proud of the community we serve. Please use this resource as your guide to living in the Barrington area, and reference our website at when you are looking for things to do, places to go and people to see!

Suzanne Corr
Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce

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