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Letter from the Mayor

Excitement continues to grow in the Village of Bloomingdale. For the last two years we have been working toward rebirth and redevelopment in Bloomingdale. A major piece of this goal involves re-establishing Lake Street and Old Town as a center of commerce and community activity.

As we enter 2016, we are now seeing new development along Lake Street starting at Euclid with Bloomingdale Memory Care which broke ground in October. As we move west toward Bloomingdale Road, more new construction is underway and other parcels are ripe for redevelopment.

Our Old Town Streetscape and Infrastructure project is now under construction with improvements to sidewalks, water and storm system and undergrounding of overhead utilities. We want to maintain the character of the area, but provide a fresh feel to enhance Old Town as a center of activity for our community. Once completed, Old Town’s renewed look will help us with our ongoing marketing of the area to benefit both existing and new restaurateurs and retailers. One of the exciting new additions to this historic area, will be a weekly Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons, beginning in mid-June, 2016.

We have been working closely with Mariano’s on their building/renovation plans and are hoping that they will open later this year in Stratford Crossing located at Gary & Schick. The opening of Mariano’s will help generate traffic for Stratford Square Mall, which is such a significant asset for our community. The Village has played an active role in working with mall management in reaching out to potential tenants and restaurants; as a result, management is now finalizing redevelopment plans for the mall and specifically, the area vacated by JC Penney.

As an exciting reaffirmation that the Village Board’s vision and planning has made a real difference, Moody’s Investor Service recently notified the Village its credit rating has been reviewed. Bloomingdale has maintained its credit rating of “Aa2,” which reflects a very high quality credit position. This follows an upgrade by Standard & Poor’s of the Village’s bond rating in 2015.

As Mayor, I consider myself very lucky to not only have a Village Board which enthusiastically supports the projects happening in Bloomingdale, but also knows that we must continue to invest in new ideas to maintain and grow our community. In addition, Bloomingdale has outstanding police and fire services, as well as administrative, finance, building and public works teams who manage the village’s day to day operations with great professionalism.

The Village and Chamber of Commerce have had a great partnership for some time and I am grateful to the organization for all it does for Bloomingdale. As a local businessman, I can attest the fact that they are great ambassadors to the local business community and an integral part of building our sense of “community” in Bloomingdale.

Mayor Franco Coladipietro

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