Bradley Business and Industry


With a major interstate (I-57) connecting the 60 miles between Kankakee County and Chicago, the region has been able to maintain a strong economy with industries in and around the Chicagoland area.

Not only does Interstate 57 provide a connection with the surrounding larger cities, but Interstate 80, located approximately 30 minutes north of the county, is important for businesses between other cities and Kankakee County as well. Along with these important interstate highways are the Canadian National/IL Central Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railroad, Union Pacific and Kankakee Railroad, and Beaverville & Southern Railroad, all traveling through the county.

In addition to I-57, the Bradley-Bourbonnais area is served by U.S. Route 45, U.S. Route 50, Illinois State Route 52, and Illinois State Route 102. There is also accessibility to two major airports and a local airport equipped with two runways.

Of the thousands of small and large businesses throughout Kankakee County, the communities of Bradley and Bourbonnais are home to over 900 businesses, both local and international.


A variety of businesses support the growing area’s economy, from the local industries of Enterprise Pallets, Inc., E.T. Machine Tool Inc., Fibre Drum Company, Illinois Fabrications and Stranco, Inc. to several booming international businesses such as Centeon, Bunge, Nucor Corporation, Peddinghaus and Van Leer. With these big businesses situated in the area, a great number of people are able to support their families and the economic life of the region as well.

Riverside HealthCare is number one, employing around 2,100 people in its growing workforce.

Between 2001 and 2002, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics named Kankakee County one of three areas in Illinois to undergo a growth in employment, a great feat for the ever-expanding area.

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