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An increasingly thriving community, the village of Buffalo Grove has transformed into one of the finest areas in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Just 30 miles outside of downtown Chicago, the community straddles both Cook and Lake counties and is part of Chicagoland’s extensive transportation network, which includes an intricate web of highways, international airports and convenient and affordable public transit alternatives. This asset of location offers residents the best of two worlds – ready access to beautiful downtown Chicago, while providing all the luxuries of a suburban, open-spaced, green community.

Buffalo Grove has come a long way since its first settlers arrived around 1834. The area first welcomed a group of New Englanders, who, within a few years, sold their land to German immigrants fleeing their homeland in search of fertile, affordable land in America. These settlers established a collection of farms and formed a tight-knit community centered around religion and education.

The settlement remained small and fairly undeveloped, with farms supplying much of the Chicago area with an array of fresh dairy products throughout the early and mid-1900s. It was not until 1957 that the community really began to take shape. It was in this year that local builder Al Frank purchased 100 acres of farmland from the descendants of early settler Melchoir Raupp and embarked on the construction of the community’s first subdivision.

One year later, on March 7, 1958, the village of Buffalo Grove was incorporated, sparking a surge of new developers in the area. The village grew from 164 residents to nearly 1,500 in a relatively short amount of time. At the same time, business began to expand. The additions of the Buffalo Grove Commerce Center, Corporate Grove Industrial Park and the Buffalo Grove Business Park gave rise to a progressive business sector that still holds strong to this day.

Today, Buffalo Grove boasts a population of approximately 41,500 who enjoy its outstandingly high standard of life characterized by a mix of suburban living with a little bit of country charm.

Buffalo Grove’s desirability continues to draw in prospective residents and businesses interested in relocation and/or expansion. Village services are among the finest in the country, the schools are exceptional, the park district continues to earn national recognition for its programming and facilities, and the economy remains strong. The village is a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly community, with more than 50 miles of wide sidewalks, paths and trails perfect for both the active and leisurely resident. Homes are overall well-maintained and well-constructed, and there is a price point for every person or family. A safe, peaceful atmosphere is felt throughout Buffalo Grove, and its physical layout is a major contributor to this comfortable environment.

Venturing into its 54th year of incorporation (2012), the village certainly has plenty to be proud about. Buffalo Grove has been listed as one of the “Fifty Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family” by renowned authors Lee and Saralee Rosenberg, and was recognized by Money magazine as one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S” in 2009.

Buffalo Grove remains a village of distinction, as shown through its many past and present recognitions. It continues on its path of excellence and remains dedicated to maintaining a progressive attitude towards the future.

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