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Community Overview

Community Overview

Chicago Heights, Illinois, is a diverse city that cherishes its history as it makes strides to ensure continual progress and prosperity today and tomorrow. Its heritage as a quiet farm town of the 1800s and a growing suburb of the 1900s remains fresh in the minds of current residents and visitors, who can experience local history in the well-preserved architecture of structures around town.

The city’s first settlers came to the area in the 1830s, locating their homes along the banks of Thorn Creek. These settlers initially dubbed their new hometown Thorn Grove, which changed to the Village of Bloom by 1849. The area began to prosper between the 1850s and 1880s with the coming of the railroad. First came the Joliet and Northern Indiana Railroad in 1853, which eventually linked Bloom to Chicago by 1869. Next came the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railroad in 1887, a route that proved to be a boon, resulting in a surge in local industrial and residential development. Bloom became the City of Chicago Heights in 1892, a name chosen to honor its relation to Chicago and to note its elevation as one of the highest points in the county.


Today, Chicago Heights boasts a population exceeding 31,000 residents. The Chicago Heights Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (CHHPAC) has made great strides in preserving the distinct architectural and historical qualities of the city. Local neighborhoods display thoughtfully restored Victorians, Craftsman-style homes and vintage post-war/mid-20th century homes. Several residences, as well as various other sites throughout town, are designated local landmarks.

The city’s historic character blends well with its formidable industrial and commercial environment. In addition, the city features fine schools, cultural outlets, recreational diversions, advanced healthcare and an all-round tight-knit community spirit. This unique mix makes Chicago Heights an enviable place to call home for both residents and businesses.

Come and discover Chicago Heights’ unique character for yourself!

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