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The Crete Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes you! Whether you are a current or prospective business owner, the chamber would like to invite you to become a member of our growing organization. The chamber has made great strides over the past few years promoting our member businesses and acting as the collective voice of enterprise in the area. As we continue to grow in numbers, we will become an even more proactive force in order to improve the business climate in our area.

We have already increased the chamber’s visibility in the community with more involvement, greater activity support and improved response in business promotion. We will continue to fine-tune our operations and streamline our efforts to maintain a positive momentum.

Here at the Crete Area Chamber of Commerce, we look forward to having you join us and eagerly anticipate working together to make the Crete area a better place to work, live, play and profit.

“Let’s do Some Business.”

Rick Cobb
President & Executive Director
Crete Area Chamber of Commerce

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