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The Danville Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of the business community. The Chamber is not a civic club, charitable organization or department of city government. The Chamber is a private, non-profit corporation. It unites hundreds of business and professional firms, thus creating a unique central agency working to improve business and build a better community. Over 80 percent of the membership is composed of small businesses interested in prospering and creating a healthy environment in which to conduct business.

But most important, the Chamber is people..people just like you. People who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what no one of us can do individually. The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members, creating a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, energy and finances.

Over 500 businesses and professional firms working together to make Vermilion County a better place to live...A voice for the business and professional community on critical issues...A clearinghouse for plans and proposals affecting Vermilion County's future...Committees hard at work meeting the community's needs...Setting and achieving goals that will ensure Vermilion County of reaching its full potential...A partner in progress with the Development Team and community organizations working to attract new business and foster growth among existing enterprises.

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Danville became a city in 1827. Like many cities in the Midwest, it has enjoyed good economic times, and it has suffered, but survived, serious economic downturns. It has succeeded because of the strength of its people.

Today, beneath the area's charm, lies a definite purpose - balancing a traditional spirit of preservation and a modern thrust towards progress.

Anchored by an established core of business, industry and agriculture, the Danville area is poised for opportunity as we move into the 21st century.

We are representing to you as a source of information, a map about our city and its surrounding areas. It is intended to be helpful to business, new residents and visitors, as well as those who are long established members of our community.

Danville and Vermilion County are vibrant areas, enriched by history and filled with possibilities. But mostly, they are home. Around here, home means shops and stores, concerts, sports, and children playing in the park. It also means high-quality schools, hospitals and medical care, economic development, recreation, governmental services and quality of life. And..much more.

Danville's location, at the heart of the major midwestern retail markets provides direct routes to every U.S. market. More than half the population of the U.S. lives within a 500 mile radius of Danville. Interstate 74, a direct route through the heart of the midwest marketing region, provides a link with other interstate highways that connect Danville with the rest of the nation. The availability of truck, rail, bus and air freight services provides the area with outstanding freight service for quick and economical shipping of products and raw materials to and from the Danville area.

Accessibility, proximity to major markets and the economy of shipping freight from the Danville area make location one of its greatest assets in attracting new business investment.

The extensive expansion and revitalization of Danville's industrial development areas is the result of a comprehensive economic development strategy. Quality education and technical leadership, combined with workers who have the skills and the kind of pride that mean productivity and a desirable business environment, make this an attractive community in which to live and invest. When McLane Midwest opened in Danville in 1993, Governor Jim Edgar said at the grand opening - "Companies looking to expand and prosper must look at many factors - infrastructure, work force quality, availability of capital, and proximity to customers - McLane Company determined that Danville could best serve those needs."

Ground was broken in 1996 for Alcoa Aluminum Products. A 42 million initial investment comes at a time when industrial, retail, commercial, residential and infrastructure development abound.

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The diversity of the local economy is reflected in the housing market, which offers a good supply of homes in all price ranges. Financial institutions offer a variety of affordable rates and programs. Planning, zoning and subdivision ordinances protect property values. Anyone accustomed to the rush-hour traffic of larger cities will appreciate the easy drive to work, and it's just a short distance to schools and shopping areas. Housing in the midwest continues to be the most affordable in the nation. Subdivisions, apartment complexes and small town living are an asset to Vermilion County.

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Shopping is never far away in Danville. Danville's Downtown area, anchored by the Towne Centre Mall, has remained vital, serving the service sector of the community. The Village Mall Shopping Center, on Danville's north side, has four anchor stores, marble floors, a stunning atrium in the center court, and excellent shopping. With the 1996 opening of a super Wal-Mart Store at Danville Crossings and the late winter 1996 opening of a Lowe's Store, Danville's shopping arena has grown. Prices throughout the Danville area are reasonable, contributing to the community's relatively low cost of living.

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You will find may ways to spend your time in the Danville area. Oldsmobile Balloon Classic is one of the largest hot air balloon events in the State of Illinois.

You can run, hike, hunt, camp or backpack, cycle, ride horses, or enjoy canoeing on one of the nation's most scenic rivers, all within a short distance of home. State Parks, including Kickapoo State Park and Middlefork, along with County Parks - Kennekuk, Forest Glen and Lake Vermilion County Park, total over 10,000 acres of recreational opportunities for residents of the area. In addition, there are also 18 City parks - offering swimming, tennis, basketball, football and softball, and 6 public or private golf courses in Vermilion County. Lake Vermilion is lined with beautiful homes with boating, fishing, and swimming in your back yard.

The arts play an important role in the everyday life of the Danville community. Arts enthusiasts find many opportunities to volunteer for, perform in, or simply enjoy the arts organizations and events in Danville. These organizations include the Danville Symphony Orchestra, Red Mask Players, Danville Light Opera, Sunshine II, Laura Lee Fellowship House, Vermilion Festival Chorus, Danville Art League, and the Writers Group. Support and participation by government, business and private citizens have produced a healthy climate for the arts.

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The Danville area's firm commitment to the future is evident in its educational services. Top-notch schools are a factor in attracting new residents to the community and assure a steady supply of well-trained workers for the local job market. Danville District #118 schools are leading the way with outstanding state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date curricular offerings.

Danville Area Community College has a reputation for excellent academic standards, innovative programs and quality instruction. With its broad array of baccalaureate, vocational and adult education programs, it is a center of educational opportunity in East Central Illinois.

The Danville area offers a choice of educational environments from parochial schools to VOTEC and Tech Prep programs. The shinning Stars are an Apprentice Program and Public/Business Partnership that are models for education to careers.

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Danville has many partners in the health care field to provide quality medical care to the community. United Samaritans Medical Center provides a broad range of services including inpatient and outpatient, a regional cancer center, occupational medicine and a center for plastic surgery. This medical partnership extends to the newly established Vermilion Area Health Care Center, Danville Polyclinic, and the Danville Carle Clinic. The Danville Veterans Medical Center offers in-patient and out-patient medical services to qualified veterans.

We have a strong, yet diverse economy, structured around everything from farming to manufacturing, from retail to service. We are an area built around cooperation through partnership. Such productive and widespread collaboration has resulted in economic prosperity for our businesses, added attractions and events for visitors, and an enhanced quality of life for every resident.

Danville is proud to be part of a larger community - that of east central Illinois. We are good neighbors and work together for the improvement of each part of our area. We are all linked-geographically, economically, and enthusiastically-for the ultimate success of corporate and individual residents, both present and future.

We hope this map will give you a better knowledge of who we are and what we offer. However, if any questions remain unanswered, or you seek further clarification about anything in the Danville area, please contact the Danville Area Chamber office at 217-442-1887. We will be happy to assist you.

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