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Village Government

Deerfield Government

850 Waukegan Rd.
Fax: 945-0214

Mayor: Harriet Rosenthal 945-3545

Village Manager/Clerk: Kent S. Street — 945-5000

Village Trustees
Alan Farkas
Robert Nadler
Dan Shapiro
Barbara Struthers
Bill Seiden
Tom Jester

Appearance Review Commission
Chairman: Richard Coen — 948-1209

Board of Building Appeals
Chairman: Clint Case — 719-7484

Board of Zoning Appeals
Chairman: Robert Speckmann — 948-0899

Cable & Telecommunications Commission
Chairman: Paul Diambri — 945-7938

Community Relations Commission — 945-5000

Deerfield Cemetery Association
Chairman: Maynard Grossman — 945-5000

Electrical Commission
Chairman: Clint Case — 719-7484

Family Days Commission
Co-Chairmen: Barb Reich & John Coughenour — 945-5000

Sustainability Commission
Chairman: Don Anderson — 945-5000

Stormwater Management Committee — 945-5000

Manpower Commission
Chairman: Susie Wexler — 317-1628

Board of Police Commissioners
Chairman: James Marovitz — 945-6659

Fine Arts Commission
Chairman: Jeffrey Marks — 945-2507

Bannockburn Government

2275 Telegraph Rd. — 945-6080
Fax: 945-6538 •

Village President: Frank Rothing
Village Manager: Maria Lasday
Village Clerk: Kass F. Sigal

Board of Trustees
David Ansani
James Boyle
Mary Herrmann
David Korer
Diana Lackner
Kerry Martin

Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals
Chairman: Jim McShane
Will Montgomery
David Elston
Gerald Laures
Susan Knaack
Richard Peters
Louise Feeney

Architectural Review Commission
Chairman: Michael Raimondi
Theresa Zagnoli
David Friedman
Allen Chichester
Michael Raimondi
Rick Pedersen

Riverwoods Government

Mayor: John Norris
Office: 300 Portwine Rd. — 945-3990
Fax: 945-4059 •

Director of Community Services: Rob Durning
Village Clerk: Irene Gagerman

Cheryl Chamberlain
Michael Baumann
Kevin J. O’Donnell
Michael Haber
Rick Jamerson
Kris Ford

Plan Commission
Chairman: David Niedelman
Laurie Breitkopf
Stephen Levin
Mark Higginson
Sherry Graditor
Henry Hollander
David Shimberg

Zoning Board of Appeals
Chairman: Michael Ford
Alan Schencker
Tom Reidy
Paul Tuszynski
Alan Hirsch

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