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To alleviate the desperation…to accelerate the healing… to elevate the spirit… to stand tall. This is the powerful mission of the Rev. John P. Smyth Standing Tall Charitable Foundation, a wonderful initiative designed to support the underprivileged and underrepresented children and families of the area.

The Foundation was implemented on July 15, 2005 as a continuation of the mission established during Father Smyth’s more than four-decade-long career as the executive director of Maryville Academy. Father Smyth has always believed in the importance of education when it comes to the elimination of poverty and neglect in the world today. The Foundation was launched in an effort to continue these beliefs. Since its incorporation, the organization has awarded educational scholarships for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and/or vocational training to nearly 140 youth in need. These scholarships assist impoverished youth and their families gain access to quality schools, which provide a sturdy environment for learning.

According to Karla Jacobson of the Standing Tall Charitable Foundation, “A recent audit praised the Foundation for using only five percent of its annual budget for administrative expenses, with the other 95 percent going directly to schools for scholarships.”

The Foundation’s funding is secured through generous public donations. For more information on the Rev. John P. Smyth Standing Tall Charitable Foundation, call (847) 294-1801 or go online at

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