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Government in Fairview Heights

A Mayor-Aldermanic form of government oversees city operations in Fairview Heights, a home rule community. With a mayor, city clerk, treasurer, and 10 aldermen elected from five wards, the government has demonstrated a propensity for hard work. This work ethic carries through to all departments, including Parks and Recreation and the Fairview Heights Public Library. The city readily sites one of its many achievements: it imposes no city property tax.

The Fairview Heights Police Department promotes safety throughout the Fairview Heights area. The crime rate in the community is lower than the national average, with officers achieving a clearance rate of 60 percent, versus 21 percent nationally.

Fairview-Caseyville Township Fire Protection

Officers conduct a series of public service programs, among them V.E.G.A. and D.A.R.E., two youth-directed programs that aim at preventing violence and drug use among school age children. The newest program is G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training). In addition, officers promote Neighborhood Watch; Senior Citizen Academy, an eight to 10-week training program that helps seniors recognize and avoid ripoff artists and con men; Youth Academy, a youth-directed training program; and volunteer mentoring of grade school age children.

The Fairview-Caseyville Township Fire Protection District maintains a fire insurance rating of 4 for the major area of the city it covers. Outlying areas of Fairview Heights are covered by five other fire protection districts: French Village, Northwest, East Side, Hollywood Heights, and O’Fallon.

Fire fighters regularly visit grade schools to conduct fire prevention programs and sponsor a Cub Pack, a Boy Scout Troop, and an Explorer Troop. In addition, they speak before civic groups, conduct business fire prevention programs, enforce fire codes in new construction, and perform code inspections in all businesses.

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