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Location and Transportation

Location and Transportation

You Can Get There From Here

Galesburg’s strategic location, relative to the Midwest transportation infrastructure, provides great advantages, especially in response to the growing congestion in Chicago, as more manufacturing is done off-shore—meaning more goods need to be shipped across the country.

Central location and major transportation assets are among the greatest assets the region has to offer. BNSF Railway Company’s seven main lines and railcar “Hump” classification yard, located in Galesburg, channel over 150-200 trains through Galesburg and across the U.S. every day. Several distribution companies operate regional and national distribution centers from Galesburg’s business parks. A new 350-acre Business Park is shovel-ready to help more companies serve Chicago, St. Louis, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and the 35 million consumers in Galesburg’s 300-mile radius market.

Galesburg also maintains an excellent municipal airport, with hangars and lighted runways capable of landing commercial and private jet aircraft. A thriving Amtrack station, located in the heart of downtown Galesburg, serves the transportation needs of our residents.

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