Glenview Introduction


A Village with Spirit Forged Long Ago
Welcome to Glenview, Illinois, where residents enjoy a quality of life that’s second to none, built on a foundation brimming with cooperative spirit. High standards shine through when people work together to improve and retain a norm; taking pride in one’s place of residence affords a desire to do the best for the community and those living within its limits.

With approximately 350 residents, the village was finally formed June 17, 1899, after one attempt to make it so a year earlier ended without success. From that time, the community tried on several names such as South Northfield, Oak Glen, Hutchings and Barr before settling on Glen View, later to become Glenview. This former agricultural area is now booming with business and is only about 20 miles north of Chicago.

A large portion of today’s current population of approximately 45,000 have lived here for 20 years or more, and many more have done so for 11 years plus. This illustrates that Glenview is a superb location to put down roots — a place where families can reside and feel confident that they will be provided with the best in facilities and services with excellent healthcare, superlative education, an exceptional park district, and library.


Glenview continues to grow with the construction of a major development in the center of the village. The plan was born out of the closing of the Glenview Naval Air Station in 1993 to redevelop the land into a multi-use area. It was in 1999 that The Glen was named. Covering about 15 percent of the total land area of the village, The Glen has been slated for residential, retail, office, light industrial, sports, leisure and entertainment purposes — about 95 percent of the land has been contracted, sold or leased. Just a few of the many things to enjoy include Air Station Prairie, Lake Glenview, Gallery Park, and two golf courses.

Glenview is home to people who band together in a number of community groups and organizations to help their fellow citizens. Their philosophy “Hug the Bear” began in 1917 during the early stages of Glenview’s history when Ed Jackman bestowed upon the people a fountain with a bear at the top. The bear serves as the village’s mascot and since that time has stood for giving back to the community. To “Hug the Bear” means in an analogical sense to “hug” the community. The loyal and compassionate people of Glenview make a joint effort to continue the tradition established a century ago that has served them so well.

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