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Anyone who has sought to find and evaluate care for the chronically and seriously ill knows the challenge to locate and evaluate the resources available — this all quite possibly with a heavy heart. However, Glenview residents are very fortunate in having the resources of Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter conveniently at hand. Not only is the nonprofit agency just a phone call away, but it is known throughout the community.

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Headquartered in Glenview on the Cohn Campus at 2050 Claire Court are the agency’s central office and program site. Five regional offices give presence in the wider northeastern Illinois area.

Serving some 9,000 individuals each year across the regions, this community based healthcare organization’s programs include hospice, home health, medical home visits, palliative care consultation, grief support and even special services for children. And because it is so woven into the social fabric of the area, families often use these various services.

Although some of the agency’s programs are offered at office locations, most of their services are provided where families prefer — at home, in a retirement community, in an assisted-living facility, in a long-term care facility, in a hospital or in the agency’s inpatient hospice unit when medically necessary.

John Jones from Glenview is a retired banker. He and his wife have had three occasions to use the CareCenter and are most appreciative for all the agency has lent to their quality of life – and to their comfort.


Several years ago, the Jones’ son was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and at barely 30 years old, came home to die with his parents. Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter volunteers and nurses came daily in and out of the Jones’ home during this difficult time and accorded all of the family safe harbor, peace and dignity in the son’s illness and passing.

For the volunteers these times mean a great deal as well.

“As a hospice volunteer, I have been privileged to give the gift of solace to patients nearing death, this sometimes just by being there,” shares hospice volunteer Connie Mailander. “The lessons I have learned from these experiences have enhanced my own life and changed my views on how to peacefully say ‘goodbye.’”

The Jones’ had a second occasion to call upon the agency a few years later, when John Jones let curiosity get the best of him as he watched a Florida lizard amble in and out between the planking of a beachside stairway. Finally, when his fascination got the best of him, he fell on adjacent rocks and cracked his knee. This grandpa was forced to forsake ice cream with his grandkids in order to fly home for knee surgery. Then, and more recently, when John slipped and fell at home in the bathroom, the home care teams of Midwest CareCenter were just a phone call away.

“Theirs is truly a marvelous service,” says John. “We are fortunate indeed.”


In addition, Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter provides extensive community outreach programming with a variety of topics related to end-of-life care. For healthcare professionals, the CareCenter offers a Fellowship in Palliative Medicine for physicians to learn means of incorporating palliative care into their practices. In addition, nurses, chaplains, social workers and counselors have access to internship programs.

The CareCenter mission is to care for patients and families through exceptional and individualized palliative care, hospice and grief support services.

For additional information see or call
847/467-7423 (general/24-hour line).

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