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Educational Roundtable

The Gurnee Chamber of Commerce works with local school districts, businesses and the Lake County Chamber of Commerce in order to foster communication and collaboration through an Education Roundtable.

With a mission to serve and improve educational opportunity and business achievement for all students and businesses, the Educational Roundtable is composed of leaders from education, business, community, and government. The Roundtable is charged with making ongoing recommendations for both the educational and business communities.

“Within less than a year of establishment, the Education Roundtable has already proven useful by enhancing programs at the schools, providing volunteer opportunities to local businesses and creating an environment for honest feedback and dialogue,” said Deanne Dalgaard Fisher, chairwoman. The group currently is working on a quarterly informational push out to the community in order to better inform individuals of the inner workings of school financials.

“This need became apparent at one of our first meetings when many questions were asked regarding school finance in relation to property taxes and programming,” Dalgaard Fisher said. “Through the Education Roundtable, schools now have an opportunity to disseminate information to the business community that can further enhance business involvement and growth.”

Roundtable members agree possibilities are endless in what this group can accomplish. “Although the influence may appear minor now, the impact over the next few years will be great as the relationship between the school community and business community continues to grow,” she added.

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