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The City of Harvard is located in a very prime spot in a center of business activity; in the Midwest between Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford and Madison. This makes Harvard very popular with businesses looking to relocate, who want to market to these important business centers.

Harvard’s environment offers many advantages and opportunities to business and families in a way that cannot be found elsewhere. Our rich and productive farmland supports a variety of different agricultural products, dairy, livestock and produce. The land is also preserved in its natural state through several conservation areas, where one can still see how the countryside looked before farming and industry came.

Businesses, big and small, take advantage of the transportation available to and from Harvard. The Chicago-Northwestern railroad provides service right in the heart of Harvard. The railroad was the first major form of transportation that affected Harvard.

Harvard Street Sign

The roadways that serve Harvard give easy access to major cities. Illinois Highway 14 runs right through town and takes residents north to Wisconsin or southeast towards Chicago and the northwest suburbs. Interstate 90 is about 20 miles to the south, which can easily get you to O’Hare International Airport and the rest of the world. Just outside of the city is Dacy Airport, which provides services for smaller crafts. Having easy access and availability to these types of resources improves our quality of life.

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