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While Harvard’s location is leading to a great deal of interest in the City that threatens to turn Harvard into a busy urban area, the city is not without a plan. Harvard is working hard to maintain its small town atmosphere as it grows. Preserving this environment will be a benefit for both the families and businesses that call Harvard home.

There are a variety of major businesses that already call Harvard home. Companies with more than 100 employees include Cotter and Company, a distribution center; Dean Foods known mainly for their dairy products, Richo Company, a plastic manufacturer and the Mercy Harvard Hospital.

The City of Harvard takes pride in itself to work with and support local businesses, large and small for the betterment of the community. The city’s future relies upon the community to invest back in itself through local area businesses. A few of Harvard’s goals are the following:

• To achieve and maintain the best possible economic health of the city/community through the retention, expansion, and attraction of commerce and industry which is conductive to an optimal quality of life for the Harvard citizens;

• To facilitate an economic structure which realizes various opportunities which affect and play an integral part upon such quality of life; *

• The City of Harvard has a long-standing policy in regards to its Economic Development program in which the corporate client receives complete anonymity. The site selection of a company is privileged information and it would not be ethical for the city to divulge any information regarding that process. The City of Harvard holds this policy with the utmost respect on behalf of the corporate clients. *

Harvard Businesses

The Fire Department and the Rescue Squad are also a constant source of community pride. The two work under one roof, pooling their resources together, when responding to medical emergencies, vehicle accidents and fires. *

The City of Harvard also employs a full-services police department to operate 24 hours a day to serve and protect the community. The Harvard Police Department currently employs 25 officers to serve this community of 8,000 residents.

The Harvard Police Department has incorporated a comprehensive, pro-active approach to better deliver police services, which helps maintain a high quality of life for the community and keeps the crime rate at a lower level.

* Source: The City of Harvard.

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