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Homer Glen has a mixture of housing options, but it remains primarily a single-family, residential market. Over 96 percent of the houses in the Village are owner-occupied, and more than 60 percent of these residences are valued at over $200,000. While some older homes are still around, the majority of housing in the area is fairly new, having been constructed within the past 10 to 15 years as the Village has developed into a larger community.

The Homer Township area has experienced a good deal of growth recently, and the total number of households is expected to increase from 15,258 to 17,481 by the year 2020. Since Homer Glen has approximately 77 percent of the township’s population residing within its borders, the Village’s continued growth seems fairly well-assured.

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There are a variety of housing areas in the Village, each offering something a little bit different in terms of home sizes and styles. One can find everything from ranch homes to split-level properties—to mansions on a private lake. The atmosphere of these different sections makes each area unique, ultimately contributing to the overall character of the Village. “People love the country kind of charm of Homer Glen, as well as the accessibility,” says Dick Post, owner/president of R.M. Post Realtors in neighboring Tinley Park. Post also mentions that a safe atmosphere is one of the features that people enjoy about the Village, and he says, “People can walk down the street with their dog and just feel comfortable here.”

Multi-family properties such as Dawnwood (on 143rd Street) and Park Place Condominiums (on 159th Street) provide some variety in the housing that is available within the Village. There are also retirement/assisted living options in Homer Glen including Messenger Glen and Victorian Village.

Audrey Johnson of Home Source Realty, Inc. in Orland Park believes that people who move to Homer Glen not only do so for the great housing values, but for the natural setting as well. “If you love living among woods, pastures, hearing the birds sing and seeing plenty of wildlife around your home,” she said, “this is a great area. It's a wonderful area for horse-lovers; you'll see a lot of stables and horses grazing.”


The attractive setting has been a huge draw for people looking for this type of community with access to larger cities nearby. “It wasn't long ago Homer was thought of as a rural farming community, almost unknown, sandwiched between Orland Park and Lockport,” says Jason Vander Meer from RE/MAX 10 in Homer Glen.

The influx of people moving to the Village has made it challenging to preserve the character of the area while still allowing for expansion. “I believe that Homer Glen is doing a good job of managing growth,” says Audrey Johnson, pointing out that it is a tough thing to balance business needs with keeping the wonderful atmosphere that residents moved there for.

Homer Glen is a wonderful community with a range of housing options—especially for those looking for a single-family home in a good neighborhood. The Village is attracting new residents and growing at a comfortable rate; and its charming atmosphere assures that people will continue to find this community a pleasant and welcoming place to call home.

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