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Chamber Member Businesses

Chamber Member Businesses

Booth Orthodontics has been in practice in Homer Glen for over 26 years. Dr. Barry E. Booth, a founding member of the chamber, opened his business here after completing his orthodontic specialist residency at University of Illinois, “Choosing this location was the easy part” says Dr. Booth. “Homer Glen had good demographics, excellent schools and favorable population growth projections – things that are important to small business owners.” Over the years, Booth Orthodontics built a trusting relationship with his clients and with area dentists to create quality treatment results and excellent patient services.

In 2010, Dr. Booth decided to give back to the community that had already given him so much. He established the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation for Southwest Chicagoland. Smile for a Lifetime’s mission is to create self-confidence, inspire hope and change the lives of the children they treat. The foundation’s board of directors currently selects one new family per month in the Homer Township area, offering no cost orthodontic treatment for the deserving family.

Dr. Booth is planning to continue his practice in Homer Glen for “many years to come.” His oldest son is currently finishing dental school and will be joining the business soon.

Homer Township Vision Center opened June 1, 1988 on 143rd and Golden Oak Drive. Jeanine Reding, president, chose the location because it seemed to be the commercial hub of Homer Township at the time. Throughout the years, her business continued to grow, as did the need for extra space. In 1997 Reding moved next door from her original location to double the space for the business.

Homer Township Vision Center is a charter chamber member. Reding served as chamber president in 1992 and 2002 and making her the only person to have served two terms as president. She has consistently remained active in the chamber, serving as a board member as well as participating in many of the chamber’s committees.

Still at its 1997 location, the Homer Township Vision Center is known for quality care and professional service, has two Optometrists, two Certified Opticians, an on-site lab and a distributor of the first electronic eyewear called emPower!

“Our business has grown and prospered because of our involvement with the chamber and the great people of small business; I love this chamber.” says Reding.

Wheel-Go Camping

Wheel-Go Camping has spent the past 34 years in business, 25 of those years with the Homer Township Chamber of Commerce. Owned by Bob and Connie Schmidt, a husband and wife team, the company first opened its doors in April of 1978 after Bob decided to stop operating his thriving insurance agency. “I was looking for something more stimulating,” he says. “I was 40 and frustrated. Fortunately, we owned some land in town and were able to use it to make a career change. About that time, I met a man who introduced me to the RV business and decided to try my hand in the RV and truck accessory markets.”

In the beginning years Wheel-Go Camping sold pop-ups and slide-in truck campers as well as pick-up truck caps and covers. After 10 years in business, Bob and other business leaders decided Homer Glen needed a chamber of commerce. Bob was vital in starting and growing what is now the Homer Township Chamber of Commerce, serving as president for one term and still remains extremely active today.

After sales and inventory expanded so did the company, undergoing two additions to the current facility. Today, the focus has turned to sales and installation of RV parts, a consignment program, sales of truck accessories and open and enclosed utility trailers for commercial and recreational use.

Dr. Wayne Helge & Associates originally opened an office in Homer Glen as a second location for the growing practice. Choosing the location was easy because existing patients were moving to the south and southwest suburbs. According to Dr. Helge the area seemed like a great place with a lot of potential for growth, had a pleasant appearance and a rural feeling, but still close to the city.

“Our decision has turned out to be the correct one.” Today, the Homer Glen office, a chamber member since 1988, is still standing and has been the only location since 1997. Dr. Helge remains at this location because of the loyal people and the chamber of commerce, who have been their patients and continue to be.

Dr. Helge says, “Many of these people have become not only patients, but have become my friends.” He hopes to keep providing dental care for his current and future friends for the years to come in the same office.

Sher’s Dog Grooming

Sher’s Dog Grooming started as a storefront shop in Homer Glen. Sherrie Griswold, owner, remembers that rent was high in Lake Zurich and she loved Homer Glen. The decision to start in Homer Glen was an easy one and turned out to be the right choice. No other dog or cat grooming shops were open in the area, which let Griswold’s business grow.

As Sher’s Dog Grooming began to grow as did other businesses in the area as well as residents. Griswold and other local business owners started what is now the Homer Township Chamber of Commerce.

Today, Griswold is keeping in the business of dog grooming in the comfort of her own house and has been since 2007. She notes that nothing has changed, besides her location and does not groom cats anymore. “I love Homer Township,” she says and it doesn’t seem like she is going anywhere for a while.

Dahl Landscaping and Garden Center

Dahl Landscaping and Garden Center bought their property in 1987 as a place to store all of the landscape equipment. The place began to bloom as people started to become more interested. Soon the landscaping business grew into a garden center. “As the area developed more people came in” and as each year passed the garden center kept expanding, eventually into a five-acre garden which, according to Dahl, can be very deceiving from the road.

After expanding the center year after year, Dahl decided it needed a new name to reflect what the garden center had become. Coming up with a name was difficult so he enlisted the help of his mother, Ida. “Garden Paradise” was the name she chose, Dahl liked it, but thought it could use a little something, he decided on “Ida’s Garden Paradise” as a gift to his mother.

Today, Ida’s Garden Paradise is still growing into more opportunities. The garden center is now home to a boutique section, a gift shop and a home and garden stop for residents to get the most out of their shopping. “It’s a wonderful area with nice people,” says Dahl’s sister, who helps to run the business; so it seems Ida’s Garden Paradise is blossoming at any season.

Eagle Rock Community Church was born in 1988 as Community Life Church with Pastor Henry Reyenga leading members. In 1996 the current Eagle Rock Church began to worship at the Orland Junior High School, while waiting for a place that they could call their own. Pastor Reyenga was heavily involved in acquiring land for the church.

On January 18, 2009, after 12 years of worship at the junior high school, church members finally gathered for the first time at their new church in Homer Glen. That day, members of the church celebrated “what the Lord had provided” and they continue to do so today. Pastor Reyenga was a founding member of the chamber of commerce, its first president and is proud to have been part of its growth.

With gratitude for what members have been given, Eagle Rock Community Church’s hope is “to be a local expression of Jesus’ church that is creative, missional and involved in the community.” Keeping with that theme for 25 years the church still holds true to their values and acceptance of every person because that has kept them strong for so long. “We value each person, and the unique gift that God has given them. We share in the heart of God for the hurting, poor and lonely.”

Family Wellness Center

Family Wellness Center originally chose Homer Glen for their office because it was an up and coming area, it also reminded Dr. Judy Morey of her childhood hometown. The first office was located on Bell Road, but as it began to grow a larger space was needed. Dr. Morey built the current site in 1994 and it officially opened in January of 1995, where it has remained ever since. The Family Wellness Center continues to stay in Homer Glen “because it is a great place to be,” says Dr. Morey.

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