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Homer Township has numerous medical facilities within its boundaries and in nearby communities. Physician and specialist offices have been established in the area, allowing for convenient and superb care for area residents.

Many large medical facilities provide a number of different services including: cardiology, chemotherapy, gynecology, hepatology, pain treatment, plastic surgery, speech therapy, sports medicine, trauma centers, emergency care and more. One does not need to travel far for immediate and quality care; hospitals in the area have received national awards and boast state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained and educated staff.


Other locally owned physician’s offices and clinics are spread throughout Homer Township as well. Residents can find: chiropractors, wellness centers, acupuncture, MRI and imaging services, vision care, assisted living, spine and scoliosis centers, express medical centers, physical therapy and emergency services all here in Homer Township.

Please visit the Buyer’s Guide for a complete listing of the chamber member healthcare providers.

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