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Hyde Park is home to an impressive blend of fine dining establishments and university-affordable fast food and coffee shops. As with any culturally diverse neighborhood, authentic ethnic cuisine is on every street corner, from Italian to Mediterranean to Cajun and beyond. Many of the area’s cafes and restaurants and located right near the Metra station, perfect for commuting students and businesspeople to grab a meal on their way in or out of Hyde Park. A student favorite, Medici on 57th, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has an in-house bakery and an outdoor patio in a casual, eclectic setting.

Just like its dining options, Hyde Park’s shopping options are extremely varied. Readers know the neighborhood well, as 12 booksellers and an annual Children’s Book Fair permeate the one-square-mile area, but Hyde Park is also home to Treasure Island, a small chain of European-style grocery stores, as well as Hyde Park Produce on 53rd Street. There is also a Thursday Farmers’ Market outside of Harper Court for the area’s cooks and bakers. There are also knick-knacks and other treasures at Hyde Park’s cultural destinations—the Museum of Science and Industry, the DuSable Museum of African American History, the Oriental Institute and the Robie House all house gift and souvenir shops within.

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