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Community Organizations

Joliet residents are lucky to have great resources at their disposal to better their community. The following organizations give people the chance to improve their situation where they may not have been able to, giving them the option to become independent and vital members of the community.Stepping Stones Recovery Center

Stepping Stones Recovery Center offers support for people dealing with substance abuse issues. This not-for-profit corporation has an extensive list of services including counseling, support groups, life skills development, in- and out-patient treatment, family involvement and education, immediate treatment planning and continuing treatment planning. Those looking to enter the Stepping Stones Recovery Center residency program can benefit from short-term or long-term stays. Those awaiting admission can take advantage of interim services.

Agape Missions, NFP
Agape Missions, NFP serves individuals dealing with HIV/AIDS. Placing people in permanent and transitional housing gives hope for a comfortable refuge. Counseling options include mental health, bilingual and substance abuse. Education and prevention are key elements. Case management presents a selection of assistance options and helps to create a plan for living with the disease. For those not affected by HIV/AIDS, resources and counseling are also available.

Cornerstone Services, Inc.
Cornerstone Services, Inc. exists to help the disabled to acquire the skills to lead fulfilling lives. Residential options encompass more intensive care to a primarily independent environment. A career program helps gain and preserve employment. Behavioral health and community services foster additional development.

Lamb’s Fold Center for Women and Children
Lamb’s Fold Center for Women and Children provides sanctuary for women and children who are in need of housing due to unexpected and unfortunate life situations. Transitional and permanent housing, as well as counseling and legal services are within reach through this nonprofit organization.

Guardian Angel Community Services
Guardian Angel Community Services began as an orphanage in 1897, but it has since turned its focus into acting as a resource for struggling children and families. Children’s programs encourage success in the classroom and in society. The Exchange Club Center teaches parents important skills to help them cope with the challenges of everyday living. The Foster Care Program assists children in foster care to ensure a permanent family situation is established. Counseling, advocacy and emergency shelter are only a few of the other services offered.

Will County Center for Community Concerns
Will County Center for Community Concerns works with low- and moderate-income families to instill the necessary skills and opportunities to become self-sustained. A number of grant programs take off some of the financial burden.

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