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Kane County’s thriving business environment is growing at a rapid pace. The entire Chicagoland region has continually grown since 1990. Kane County has certainly endured this quick growth and, with the collaboration of the county and the county’s Economic Development Advisory Board, it is striving to promote a valuable, sought-after business atmosphere.

Several reasons make Kane County an ideal site to do business: an abundance of low-priced, rich land; easy access to a number of amenities and resources; and a great location for serving a number of markets, from regional markets to international markets.

Over the past several years, the communities throughout the county have enjoyed a great employment growth rate, especially in the fields of services, construction and wholesale trade.

To handle the economic growth in the region, Kane County and the KCEDC have implemented a plan—the Kane County 2030 Land Resource Management Plan. The basis of this extensive plan is to create a course of action in making decisions concerning Kane County’s future growth and development.

Until recently, most commercial development in Kane County was situated along the Fox River. Nearly 80 percent of this development lies within the Fox Valley communities—downtown areas, large malls and expansive shopping districts. Now, development is moving outward to sites such as the Randall Road Corridor, which houses a number of large retail stores, specialty shops, restaurants and more.

More than 70 percent of land in Kane County is farmland. Though this agricultural sector of the county is a significant aspect of the local economy, the land is jeopardized by the growing need for development. Through the 2030 Land Management Plan, Kane County and its Economic Development Advisory Board are able to take a course of action for allocating land for this use. As the county moves into years of massive growth, it is still trying to maintain the importance and beauty of this unincorporated land.

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