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Tax Dollars

The Village of Lombard receives one of the smallest shares of property tax of any taxing district. The Village’s property tax as a percentage of each property owner’s total tax bill is less than 8 percent of the total tax bill, meaning that less than $0.08 of every dollar paid in property taxes went to the Village in 2013.

The majority of the Village’s property taxes go toward educational services, which includes Districts 44 or 45, 87 or 88, and COD 502. The remainder goes toward the Village, other local governmental entities (York Township, library, and Park District), and DuPage County (including the Forest Preserve District and DuPage Airport Authority).

The Village uses these funds to provide services such as police and fire protection, community development and capital improvements. The Village’s portion of property taxes is also used to cover annual pension and debt service costs.

Typical Total Tax Rate* (2013)
Taxing Body — 2013 Tax Rate
Village — 0.6742
County — 0.3875
Township — 0.1017
School — 7.0828
Other — 0.7286
Total — 8.9748

*Rate is based upon $100 per equalized assessed valuation.

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