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Dish'n Out Mount Prospect

Mount Prospect has become somewhat of a restaurant magnet in recent years. So, in order to highlight the Village’s many gastronomical choices, MPTV has been working with the Chamber and the Community Development Department to produce a restaurant show in the tradition of WTTW’s “Check, Please.”

“Dish’n Out Mount Prospect,” as the program is called, even features a professional interviewer, Lisa Wolf of WGN and WIND radio, as its on-air personality. “Dish’n Out MP” is cablecast on MPTV Channel 17 at 6 and 10 p.m. nightly. For those who don’t have cable, the programs will be viewable on the “Experience Mount Prospect” website ( as video-on-demand.

“In a world where bland corporate food establishments have dominated the restaurant scene, I am especially interested in exploring the small mom and pop eating establishments with unique menus and outstanding food.” said Howard Kleinstein, executive producer.

“Many people drive past wonderful restaurants without ever stopping in. We hope this show will allow residents and non-residents a peek inside and give them a reason to patronize a new dining spot.” said Nellie Beckner, senior planner in the Village’s Community Development Department.

“We will highlight three restaurants in each half-hour show and hope to produce six shows in the first six months. That will allow us to highlight 18 different restaurants,” explained Beckner.

“We made up a list of restaurants located all over the Village, weeding out the fast-food chains, and came up with 69 potential restaurants to feature,” she said. “Then we separated them into regions – northern, central and southern – and did a blind drawing, choosing three from the north, three from the south and three from the center of town. Those were the first nine restaurants we approached.”

Most were very positive about the prospect of being featured in a six-minute television segment, at no cost to them. Only a few declined, according to Beckner.

Each segment of “Dish’n Out Mount Prospect” features one restaurant from each of the three regions within Mount Prospect. The MPTV team sits down with the owners/managers of each restaurant for a half-hour interview, which is later edited down and integrated with footage they shoot later during a busy time in the restaurant so that viewers can get a feel for each dining spot’s ambiance.

Those restaurants that were not featured during the first season will get preference the next time that segments are shot, Beckner stated. “We want to try to cover everyone.”

“I am so excited that through this program we are going to be able to sing the praises of our excellent and diverse restaurant offerings,” said Dawn Fletcher Collins, executive director of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce. “I really expect Dish’n Out to add to the excitement of the Mount Prospect restaurant scene.”

“Dish’n Out Mount Prospect” is a collaborative effort between the Village’s Community Development Department, the Public Information Division, and the Television Services Division.

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