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Welcome to Mount Prospect

A prospering northwest suburb of Chicago, Mount Prospect is conveniently located along a Metra train line only 25 minutes from downtown Chicago’s Loop. The proximity to Chicago coupled with the peaceful suburban setting, make Mount Prospect a popular destination with home shoppers seeking convenient, reliable access to Chicago, yet looking for the quiet “Leave it to Beaver” setting of modern day suburbs.

Single-family homes in Mount Prospect consist predominantly of post-war construction in the 1950’s with the last of the major construction boom ending in the mid-late 1960’s. Today, the scarcity of available land limits the new construction to either teardowns or whatever redevelopment opportunities arise.

Housing styles range from ranches, Cape Cods, split-levels, Georgians up to the larger colonials. Prices range from the low $200,000’s for the smaller homes, up to the high $500,000’s, with a few larger homes and teardowns selling in the $700,000 to $800,000 range. Condominiums and townhomes range from the mid $100,000’s to $400,000.

Like most of the country, Mount Prospect is beginning to recover from the down market experienced by most of the country from 2006 – 2012. Rising prices combined with low interest rates have created high demands in towns like Mount Prospect. “Both home prices and interest rates are expected to climb, so why wait?” says Tom Zander, Real Estate Broker and Co-Owner of Picket Fence Realty of Mount Prospect. “2015 has seen a record number of home sales so far compared to previous years going back as far as the year 2000.” Added Zander.

When it comes right down to it, solid schools, prosperous and attractive park districts, a popular Library, easy access to the city of Chicago, and fiscally sound government make Mount Prospect a good bet for today’s home shoppers seeking to make a wise investment in a home.

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