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Naperville is a community built by its businesses. Be they small or large, owned and operated in our town for generations or just starting up this year, our economy thrives thanks to the tireless efforts of business owners and their employees. In my first year as Mayor, I’ve been pleased to welcome several new businesses to Naperville, and one of my continued areas of focus is for the City to work closely with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure these businesses stay here for many years to come.

One of the ways we can help businesses thrive in our city is by following the “Path to Yes,” a saying I’ve mentioned quite a bit throughout the past year. This includes the city and its partners looking for creative solutions to any impediments businesses may face. Thanks to the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, Naperville is well-known as a premiere business friendly community, and we remain committed to maintaining – and enhancing – that reputation.

The “Path to Yes” includes some curves and requires all of us to be nimble and open to change. I am continually impressed by how the Chamber assists our local businesses with and through issues of importance to them. As a business owner, I’ve seen firsthand how compromise and creativity can shed a new light on what may be a seemingly difficult problem. I applaud the Chamber for its ability to provide innovative leadership to its members, and I encourage all businesses not already part of this group to consider joining.

As we enter a new year, please remember to shop and dine local. I look forward to continuing the city’s efforts to further grow our economic base and thank all of you for your part in making Naperville the premiere destination for business in the Midwest and beyond.

Steve Chirico
Mayor, City of Naperville

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