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New Lenox Quality of Life


The New Lenox Chamber logo states “Working today for a better tomorrow.” The focus of this logo must be implemented by all of our community to maintain the same quality of life that has been enjoyed by our residents since the Village was officially incorporated in 1946.

Careful planning by community leaders has ensured that this south suburban village maintains safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, great transportation access, local recreation opportunities and an overall superb quality of life for its residents.

Single-family residential dwellings are the predominant land use in New Lenox. The same holds true for the developed portions of New Lenox Township.

Agricultural uses are common in some areas of the undeveloped township; however, it seems that more homes are growing around New Lenox than crops.


Cost of living in New Lenox is competitive with the national average. Median family income in New Lenox is $93,466.

The median house price is also comparable with the national average. The home sale price for a three-bedroom single-family residence is $306,292. In the past year, approximately 400 new residential homes were constructed in the Village of New Lenox. New Lenox Township statistics were not available at printing.

Lake Michigan water is available to New Lenox water customers.

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