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Having received national recognition and an excellent reputation, Northbrook’s school districts continue to provide exceptional opportunities for students to grow and learn with the help of the Northbrook community.

People continuously choose to relocate to Northbrook due, in large part, to the availability of superior elementary schools, middle schools and the presence of Glenbrook North High School. The community knows that the reputation of its schools impacts home values and influences the desirability of the community. Northbrook’s school districts are a key component in making Northbrook such a great place to live and learn.


Northbrook School District #27
“Educating Students to Succeed in a Changing World”


Northbrook School District #27 serves approximately 825 families and 1,300 students in four schools: Grove (Kindergarten-3rd), Hickory Point (Kindergarten-3rd), Shabonee (4th-5th), and Wood Oaks (6th-8th). Recently, a satisfaction survey of parents within the school community showed that 95 percent of parents gave the District an overall grade of an “A” or a “B.” In another survey, 99 percent of District staff said they were either very satisfied or satisfied with their job.

“The high expectations of the community set the culture for excellence. Our community provides the resources we need to engage in high-quality programming and services. Our partnership with the community provides a great climate for families to live and grow,” said Dr. David Kroeze, Superintendent of Northbrook School District #27.

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District #27 consistently earns the SchoolSearch Bright Red Apple Award for its strength in academic performance, pupil/teacher ratio, expenditure per pupil, education level of teachers, and average teacher salary. The District has been recognized for outstanding performance by many organizations including the National Association of School Public Relations Award of Excellence, SchoolSearch A+ Award, many performing arts awards, and the Association of School Business Officials International’s Masters Facility Award. Seventeen teachers in the District are Nationally Board Certified, and two teachers have been named Golden Apple Teachers, as well.

Northbrook School District #28
“To provide a teaching, learning, and caring environment where all children benefit from a commitment to excellence.”

District #28 is a public Kindergarten-8th grade elementary school district with four distinguished schools: Greenbriar Elementary, Meadowbrook Elementary, Northbrook Junior High, and Westmoor Elementary. The District provides students with an academic and social-emotional foundation and an appreciation for the value of learning. The District’s Comprehensive Literacy program, which has been featured in national education publications, encourages students to develop their critical-thinking, reading, and writing skills.

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Students’ special needs are met with gifted, English Language Learners, and special education programs. District #28 is a leader in Response to Intervention, an approach that seeks to provide targeted academic support to students so they can be successful within the context of the general education curriculum. Students participate in a comprehensive arts curriculum, which includes fine arts, drama, band, orchestra, and chorus, and they can choose from a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, intramurals, and inter-scholastic sports. The District’s many honors include the SchoolSearch A+ Award.

“Our community members set the tone for our District, with the value they place on education and the strong relationships they forge with our schools,” said Dr. Larry Hewitt, Superintendent of Northbrook School District #28. “Our community provides the resources we need to offer high-quality programs, and Northbrook offers a wonderful environment for families to grow together.”

Northbrook/Glenview School District #30
“To fulfill the educational needs of all children while recognizing the individuality of each child.”

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District #30 houses approximately 1,100 students and consists of three schools: Willowbrook and Wescott Schools (Pre-K through 5th grade) and Maple School (6-8 grades). Once students graduate from these schools, they attend Glenbrook High Schools in Northfield Township. District #30 uses the 21st Century Learning Skills and the latest National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) to build technology and information literacy skills into its schools’ rigorous curriculum. The District also uses Character Counts!, a coalition that promotes and teaches students the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

“The support of our parent community is tremendous,” said Dr. Edward Tivador, Superintendent of Northbrook/Glenview School District #30. “We also receive support from the large population of community members who do not send children to our schools. Our community members spend thousands of hours volunteering in our schools in a variety of ways.”

The District recognizes the value and importance of the development of the whole child and strives to maintain an up-to-date curriculum, which is grounded in sound research. A wide range of extra-curricular programs are offered so that children get involved in new and interesting experiences. The District continues to modify its facilities in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the schools and students.

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West Northfield School District #31
“World Class Education – the Highest Achievement for Every Individual”

Henry Winkelman School (Kindergarten-5th) and Field Middle School (6th-8th) are located in West Northfield School District #31. Both schools have earned the Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence from the U.S. Department of Education, while the District has earned the SchoolSearch Bright Red Apple Award of Excellence and the Bright A+ Award.

At Henry Winkelman School there are activities such as student council, student newspaper, book club, chess club, homework club, creative cooking, and crafts, dance expressions, kitchen chemistry, physical education, science club, stretching/yoga, and Pilates club. Middle school activities include art, band, cheerleading, chorus, computer games, crafts, debate, math club, science expo, student council, and intramural sports. In addition to the core subject areas, the schools offer programs that meet the specific needs of students, such as the gifted program, speech and language, reading support, and English Language Learners.

Dr. Alexandra Nicholson, Superintendent of West Northfield School District #31, said, “We are unwavering in our dedication to create a school environment that embraces diversity, supports a variety of learning styles, and creates a safe haven for all students. Parental involvement is highly valued and encouraged within our classrooms and activities. Parental support is strong, and it establishes and maintains that home/school connection that is so important in a child’s life.”

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Glenbrook North High School District #225
“A learning community dedicated to students and committed to quality of thought, word, and deed.”

Northbrook is the home of Glenbrook North High School, one of the top public high schools in the nation. GBN stands out for the opportunities offered to its students and the success of its students in every arena, such as scholarships, test scores, awards, academics, activities with community service, and athletics. With 96-99 percent of the students continuing on to college, GBN was one of only two public high schools in Illinois to receive the 2008 United States Department of Education Blue Ribbon Award.

“The faculty at Glenbrook North maintains high expectations for student achievement and is supported by a community that recognizes and places priority on high-quality education,” said Dr. Michael Riggle, Superintendent of Glenbrook High School District #225. “The values of Village residents and the priority that they place on education are essential to the creation and maintenance of outstanding school and district programs.”

Wescott School

The 72-acre GBN campus, which houses the Aquatic Center, a fieldhouse and a 1,500-seat Center for Performing Arts, recently underwent and completed some major construction projects to better serve its student body. Some of the projects included renovating the kitchen and cafeteria facilities, creating the Duffy Student Center, renovating two science classroom/ laboratories, constructing a new horticulture classroom/laboratory, building a new Fitness Center and new Band and Orchestra classrooms, and renovating the existing music area, which now includes a drama room.

“GBN serves as a hub of activity for all of Northbrook,” said Paul Pryma, Principal of Glenbrook North High School. “Athletics, symphony, choir, theater, art, and dance are on display and celebrated not only by our student body, but by enthusiasts throughout the Village.”

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