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“We are all about customer service, responsiveness, controlling costs and integrity. Customers first, no matter what!”

Joe Buchholz, Co-Owner, Buck Services, Incorporated

Buck Services, Inc. (BSI) Cleaning and Maintenance of West Chicago, Illinois has provided quality cleaning and maintenance services for schools, churches and corporations in DuPage County and the Chicago- land suburbs for over 18 years now. BSI was established in 1988, shortly after Joe Buchholz graduated from Loyola Business School in Chicago, Illinois. His brother, John Buchholz was a local grade school teacher at the time. With Joe’s fresh business knowledge and John’s relationships in area schools and other institutions, the two of them decided to combine their talents and set up the family’s first business; a full-service custodial cleaning and maintenance company.

Today, John is the President and Joe the Vice President of this multi-million dollar company. In 1989, their brother, Bill, an HR professional, joined the family business as Vice President of Human Resources. One year later, in 1990, brother Rob Buchholz joined the team as Vice President of Operations. Their father, a retired CPA, sits on the Board of Directors with his four sons. “Being a strong family business means a lot to us,” said Joe Buchholz.

Today, with over 200 employees, the company is able to provide the attention and quality service that customers need and want. “Providing excellent customer service has been key to the success of our business. To help accomplish this, we have intentionally incorporated a high number of customer service positions. Our standard is set high for customer responsiveness, which helps us deliver a much higher-quality product than the competition.” says Joe Buchholz.


A large number of Buck Services’ customers are corporate accounts in Oakbrook, Oakbrook Terrace and Lombard. One of Joe’s primary roles has been to build relationships with other companies in the area. As a result, he has become a great associate, friend and mentor to many of the local business people. In recognition of this, last year he was named Member of the Year by the Greater Oakbrook Chamber of Commerce. “I’m very proud to be recognized by my peers as someone worthwhile to talk to about business issues and concerns… thankful that they come to me as a mentor,” Joe said.

Joe learned from his own mentor. “My mentor is one of the most successful businessmen I know. He was my mentor for 20 years. It’s now been an honor to be his mentor for the last three years. He is involving two of his children in his business and is using Buck Services as a model.”

Joe said that Buck Services has been successful because its management team leads by example; with honesty, integrity and by providing great customer service. When asked what his number one goal for the future is, Joe said, “To remain a strong family business that can be passed down from generation to generation.”

“We are about exceptional service,” says Joe Buchholz, Co-Owner of Buck Services. “Today’s business managers have so many pressures and responsibilities. We want to take the hassle out of the day-to-day facilities management. We are all about customer service, responsiveness, controlling costs and integrity.”

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