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New research shows that maintaining good health at an older age is partly reliant on the quality of social networks available to a senior citizen. Oak Park Township is committed to providing outlets for its older residents to be engaged in and stimulated by positive interaction, from its Senior Services program to a variety of assisted and independent living communities, making Oak Park an
excellent place to retire.

One such independent living community is Holley Court Terrace, where over 150 senior citizens reside in spacious
apartments that reflect the charm and history of Oak Park.

According to Kathy Mullaghy, executive director of Holley Court Terrace, the number-one benefit to the type of housing provided by this independent living community is the socialization that takes place among the residents.

“Many times staying in the home can be an isolating experience for an older person. They don’t have access to people and friendship and support,” said Mullaghy. “Here they can lead an independent lifestyle because day-to-day chores are taken care of……and the person can concentrate on enjoying themselves and other people.”

Holley Court Terrace maintains a residential living setting that provides hospitality and supportive services to its residents, including an assisted living program which offers 24-hour access to staff who help with personal care such as dressing and bathing. Some of the featured amenities include housecleaning, laundry services, chauffeured transportation, fitness programs, libraries, and physical, speech and occupational therapies, to name a few.

All of these services are included in the monthly rent, which is comparable to the cost of living outside of such a community. Rent also includes 20 main meals per month with Continental breakfast Monday through Friday, cable, emergency call systems, covered parking, security and property maintenance and landscaping, in addition to wheelchair access, handrails and other health-related accommodations.

American Retirement Corporation, Inc., which owns Holley Court Terrace, maintains the philosophy that by delivering a full spectrum of living arrangements, its residents can better optimize their health as they age in comfort with convenience and dignity. 

Staying active, mentally and physically, is part of this ideology. By promoting interests from golf to arts to computers, independent living communities support the enrichment of senior life. Holley Court Terrace, for example, offers educational programs such as philosophy lectures, book discussions and political discussion taught by local professors.

“Oak Park is a very intellectual and engaged community,” said Mullaghy. “Our community [at Holley Court Terrace] reflects that. We have a wonderful blending of interesting people who live interesting lives.”

Because Oak Park is such a diverse city with a plethora of entertainment opportunities, like shopping, theatres, restaurants and parks, older persons have many options when it comes to venturing outside of their homes. Historical sites such as the Frank Lloyd Wright home and year-round festivals or special events only add to the entertainment and educational experiences. Also, for the more adventurous seniors, the city of Chicago is only a short train ride away.

Oak Park Township Senior Services specially caters to the needs of the community’s older residents, in both entertainment and practical manners. For a little bit of fun, Senior Services hosts trips to museums, bingo nights and the Dine Out Program, which brings groups of seniors to enjoy an affordable, well-balance meal at a local restaurant.

In terms of living assistance, Senior Services offers a wide variety of programs and accommodations that help make Oak Park’s valued older residents even more safe and comfortable.

A transportation service is available where rides can be arranged to and from medical appointments, social activities, shopping and other errands. Professional case managers provided by Senior Services assist older persons in gaining access to things like adult day care and senior companions. They also work to fight elder abuse.

Specialized programs such as will-writing assistance, driver education, tax help and check-ins by police officers and mail carriers are also available. Other programs aid seniors in paying costly energy bills and obtaining health insurance. 

Health is a priority for older persons and can easily be monitored with medical programs offered by the independent living communities and Senior Services.

At Holley Court Terrace, doctors make regular trips to provide services to residents while exercise programs like Tai-chi, personal training, or ballroom dancing help develop balance, strength, and even memory. Every six months, Holley Court Terrace offers wellness screenings to give residents perspectives on their general health and to pinpoint areas that may need improvement before a serious problem develops.

Oak Park Township Senior Services hosts numerous health and wellness programs including hearing and vision screenings. A program called “Know Your Numbers” screens residents for blood pressure, total cholesterol and weight and body mass index.

Good health, social interaction and limited daily responsibilities seem to be the Oak Park recipe for maintaining first-rate senior living. With so many options provided by the independent living communities and the village’s senior services, the seniors of Oak Park are able to lead fulfilling lives with limitless possibilities for successful aging.

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