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Village of Shiloh

Village of Shiloh

In 1807, the community of Shiloh was known as “Three Springs” because there were three abundant springs at the foot of a hill where church camp meetings were held. This assembly inspired construction of the log Shiloh Meeting House, which is where Shiloh and Shiloh Valley names originated. Shiloh was officially organized as a village in 1905.

Miners and farmers settled the area. Most were immigrants who valued education. For that reason, Shiloh had the first one-room schoolhouse and the first library in St. Clair County.

People who live and work in the Village of Shiloh continue to enjoy the beautiful valleys that attracted the first settlers. They know the simple pleasures of small-town life, but at the same time, they enjoy all the benefits of a thriving metropolis. A community of nearly 13,000 people, Shiloh is the place to be—a place you can call home.


O’Fallon-Shiloh O’Fallon-Shiloh enjoys a quality of life that is truly unmatched in the Metropolitan St. Louis area. O’Fallon-Shiloh is healthy in all aspects of life—physically, mentally, financially, spiritually… the list goes on. So, whether one is residing here, establishing a business or enjoying the area’s tourism, O’Fallon-Shiloh’s remarkable vitality is ideal for virtually any lifestyle and endeavor. Our communities have a solid foundation for sustained growth, development and overall well-being, while simultaneously maintaining a quite charming, small-town feeling of community—making it one of the region’s most desirable places for living, working and visiting.

Three Springs

Our residents take pleasure in our renowned educational opportunities, quality and affordable housing options in safe neighborhoods and abundant recreational facilities, which are complemented by an outstanding community park system. Businesses revel in a pro-business outlook, superior sites for relocation and development, rewarding incentives and overall opportunity.

O’Fallon-Shiloh are known as two of the fastest-growing communities in the Metropolitan St. Louis area, and have earned a reputation as a great place to visit and an even greater place to call home. O’Fallon-Shiloh offers a number of educational, dining, shopping and recreational activities. We are diverse, charming communities of hardworking residents, including personnel from nearby Scott Air Force Base.

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