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The churches and worship centers in the Orland Park area are as diverse as the people who grace this growing community. From congregations that have been here since the early settlers came to the new bodies of folks who gather in school gyms until their new buildings are completed, all kinds of faiths are represented in and around the Orland Park area.

The Village of Orland Park works diligently to network with area churches, especially when it comes to dealing with issues that affect the quality of life of the Orland Park citizenry. Each church, house of worship and temple is unique in what it offers to those who come through their front doors. And yet there’s a spirit of caring and concern uniting all of us.

The community environment provides regular opportunities for worship and it provides social and outreach opportunities for adults and young people. Most importantly, the Orland Park community gives to the area residents a sense of being rooted in tradition and values that too often get lost in our fast-paced way of life.

Contact your local church, synagogue, temple or other house of worship. Don’t hesitate to visit or call and discover the kinds of programs available to you and your family. In a community growing as fast as Orland Park, and with all the responsibilities today’s families have, it’s good to attach to a community committed to the best of the human spirit.

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