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Our Heritage

Although not commonly known, the Sandwich area played an instrumental role in the Underground Railroad. The William Eddy home on Somonauk Creek was one of the underground stations, as were the Beveridge home in Somonauk and the Stewards’ home in Plano. Runaways usually entered the state from Missouri and traveled north to Chicago on their way to freedom in Canada. One route passed along the present line of the Burlington Railway.

“How did your town get its name?”

Nearly every Sandwich resident has answered that question many times, with many people making up jokes to give the story more color. Originally, the settlement was known as Newark Station. Local townspeople told John Wentworth, a U.S. Congressman, that he could rename the town if he could get the railroad to stop here and get a permanent post office established. His efforts proved successful, and he renamed the town after his own hometown of Sandwich, New Hampshire.

Sandwich remains a pleasant town, rich with tradition and numerous opportunities.

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