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Message from the Mayor

Anyone familiar with Schaumburg’s birth 60 years ago knows that our community of now almost 75,000 residents was once just a humble, farming town waiting to emerge into its own. With the opening of O’Hare International Airport and the expressways, accessing our community was easier than ever. With that and careful planning on the part of our founders, both residents and businesses flocked to Schaumburg, recognizing its vast potential.

Today, Schaumburg is a premier suburban business destination that is home to more business in Illinois than any other community outside of Chicago. While village officials have long created a favorable economic climate for all kinds of businesses – from the small business owner to the major corporations that make Schaumburg their headquarters, our path to greatness was not achieved alone.

Fifteen years ago under the guidance of the Schaumburg Business Development Commission members helped lead a grass-roots campaign dedicated to promoting business in Schaumburg. With a focus on continuing to build Schaumburg’s economic base, businesses in our community came together to form the Schaumburg Business Association (SBA). Its key mission was to represent the needs of businesses within the association and to embody the spirit of the business community in Schaumburg – a mission that still rings true today.

Over the years the association has experienced tremendous growth and participation from a dynamic blend of corporate, commercial, retail, service and industrial businesses – all interested in working together to make Schaumburg a prosperous place to live, work and play. Our strength has come from valuable partnerships and relationships, across various trades and professions. SBA has demonstrated Schaumburg is a place for businesses to expand and relocate – to ultimately grow and maintain success. The association has retained and attracted quality jobs to the region, in good times and bad, providing the necessary support system for the entire community.

On SBA’s 15th year of celebration, I wish to thank and applaud the work of past members and participants of the Schaumburg Business Association as well as those who currently serve within the association. It is by working together, welcoming new businesses and thinking outside the box that we have grown into an economic center that most communities envy. I will continue working with you to provide opportunities and support that will embody the association’s mission dedicated to helping Schaumburg businesses prosper and grow.


Al Larson
Village President

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