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Illinois Medical District

The Illinois Medical District (IMD) is one of the biggest metropolitan healthcare, education, research and technology districts in the United States. It consists of four major medical centers, member institutions, district programs and the Chicago Technology Park.

The IMD is situated on 560 acres of Chicago’s Near West Side. It houses well over 2,000 hospital beds, has 20,000 employees and receives 75,000 visitors on a daily basis. As the nation’s largest urban medical district and the state’s largest biotechnology/medical complex, it creates approximately $220 million in annual research and is an economic generator for statewide biotechnology. The IMD also houses approximately 20 up-and-coming technology-based companies.

The IMD generates $3.3 billion in economic activity along with 50,000 jobs. Additionally, $80 million in state taxes, $24 million in annual local taxes and $2 billion in direct and indirect employment compensation are created as a result of the district’s institutions and activities.

Major medical centers are the Rush University Medical Center, University of Illinois Medical Center, the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, and Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. Member institutions include public safety and emergency response services, medical institutions, health clinics, vocational and education services for individuals with disabilities, schools and senior services.

Business and Industry

District programs consist of BiTmaP, an online training program that certifies information technology professionals in the area of bioinformatics; Chicago-ITEC, which is part of a statewide network that assists companies with business development services; the District Member Council, which serves as a medium to communicate and coordinate District-wide activities and to keep member institutions apprised of major initiatives; and the District Security Group, which is a collaboration of the 12 law enforcement and security services functioning within the District.

The Chicago Technology Park (CTP) is located on 56 acres within the Illinois Medical District. The CTP assists with the development of technology companies and provides them with a fully equipped infrastructure, university resources, internship programs and business development services.

More than 275 people work for companies within the Park, and over 25 businesses have moved out into the local economy. In the past four years, the average growth rate for these companies has been 200 percent, and employment has gone up from 80 to nearly 300 over the past five years.

The Chicago Technology Park is made up of the Research Center, graduate facilities and other facilities. The Research Center is the CTP’s Life Science Incubator. It consists of 56,000 square feet and enables tenants to rent labs of varying sizes at low costs. Graduate facilities include Enterprise Center I, which is 20,000 square feet of combined laboratory, cGMP manufacturing and office space; Enterprise Center II, which consists of 15,000 square feet, serves as a graduate facility and houses Charles River Laboratories Inc. and Maroon Biotech; and Enterprise Suites, which is a 2,000-foot-space that provides administrative and business offices for CTP companies. Enterprise suites are also home to BiTmaP. Other facilities include the Life Sciences Accelerator, Tech 2000 and Litholink Corporation.

Facility resources provided by the CTP include a managed T-1 communications line and a 10- and 15-person conference room with multimedia and teleconferencing facilities. They also offer a business center, loading dock and storage area, parking and 24-hour security. Laboratory hardware such as glass washers and dryers, autoclaves, cold rooms and a darkroom are provided as well. Programs include the Job Bank program, internships, networking sessions and a bioinformatics program.

Businesses greatly benefit by relocating to the Illinois Medical District/the Chicago Technology Park. Besides being very cost-effective for new business, the District provides access to many resources, including state-of-the-art medical institutions, leading medical schools and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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