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University Village, located on Chicago’s Near West Side, is a vibrant multi-generational and multi-cultural neighborhood. Families, students, professionals and retirees alike merge to form a strong sense of community. Immigrants have been settling in the area for over a century. Italians, Greeks, French, Jews, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians and many others have all brought unique flavors to the neighborhood. These diverse cultures and customs are celebrated while new opportunities are embraced.

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Because the University Village community is ideally located with easy accessibility to public transportation and major expressways, travel for work or play is simple and hassle-free. Eclectic and chic boutiques, restaurants and bars—often family owned—line the area along with trees and beautiful parks, creating an idyllic atmosphere. Additionally, many prominent learning institutions and the world’s largest medical district border the area.

An abundance of housing options in University Village are available, as are many cultural attractions and year-round recreational offerings and events. Local businesses are flourishing and offer a great variety of goods and services to the community, while downtown Chicago amenities are just minutes away. With its unique offerings, rich history, small community feel and urban conveniences, University Village is an extraordinary neighborhood that residents are proud to call home.

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