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Retail opportunities are alive and growing in University Village. Little Italy’s Taylor Street is the area’s burgeoning, pedestrian-friendly business district, lined with a multitude of retail and service establishments and diverse eateries. While there are currently plenty of retailers to meet each shopper’s different needs, there are ample opportunities for retail development along this tree-lined, 12-block commercial corridor that spans from Ashland Avenue to Morgan Street.

For a great number of years, Taylor Street was divided into east and west ends due to the location of the Jane Addams public housing complex. Now, with the razing of those buildings leading to the development of Roosevelt Square, Taylor Street’s retail area is being revived and expanded. Continuing enhancement of the district’s open spaces, streetscape and buildings – keeping in mind the area’s Italian heritage and tradition – are creating a significant retail area, drawing in not only residents but visitors from all over the Chicagoland area as well.


While in the neighborhood, don’t forget to check out University Village Marketplace, formerly known as famous Maxwell Street Market. This flourishing commercial district along Halsted Street offers an array of new shops teeming with a variety of goods, with many affording a number of services.

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