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UIC - The Forum

UIC - The Forum

UIC officials welcomed the opening of The Forum in 2008, a medium-sized venue on campus. While the Student Center rooms hold 800-900 and the Pavilion holds about 10 times that amount, there was a serious need of a medium-sized venue on campus to accommodate those events that called for an average-size space.

“In addition [to this need for space], we wanted to have another kind of magnet to attract both the campus and the community to the developing South Campus and University Village,” explained Robert Rouzer, director of UIC Student Centers. Rouzer goes on to say, “The variety of events that take place in The Forum will help to introduce many members of the campus and the surrounding area to all that we have to offer in University Village, further contributing to the life and success of the development.”


The more than 22,000-square-foot facility boasts of great flexibility in its design. The 120-by-180-foot main room can be divided into two spaces, with plans to eventually be able to offer three spaces. According to Rouzer, the main room is equipped with 1,200 auditorium seats, and the ability to close up and store seats in a six-foot-deep space. With open seats The Forum allows an additional 1,800 seats, providing space for up to 3,000. With the seats in storage, the space can accommodate a capacity up to 1,000. The main room is equipped with a 32-by-60-foot portable stage and a professional concert quality sound system, a theatrical lighting system and large screen data projectors. The Forum houses two large conference rooms, each outfitted with projection equipment, sound availability and connectivity that can be broken down into six smaller spaces.

Everything from wedding receptions and commencement ceremonies to concerts and conventions can be held within this modern facility. “We hope that it will be used by University event planners, as well as community event planners,” said Rouzer.

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