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Major industries in Washington include education, healthcare and manufacturing, but Washington is also bursting at the seams with unique specialty shops, which helps to inch along the area’s retail sector. Many of these businesses exist in Washington’s historic downtown square located on Main Street and Business Route 24. First established in 1834, the square was the city’s first commercial center. Specialty shops and local restaurants serve Washington tourists still today while helping to boost the local economy. The Washington Chamber is also fittingly located in the downtown square.

The city and Chamber are also working together to add to Washington’s business prowess, including designating business development districts. The area between the North Cummings Lane corridor and the Cruger Road Corridor has been designated as one such industrial business development district. In order to encourage new commercial and industrial business development in the district, a special financing incentive program is available for developers, thereby increasing local services and amenities, increasing employment opportunities and increasing sales and property tax revenues to the city.

Become an active member in Washington’s business community today by obtaining membership with the Washington Chamber and taking advantage of its various business services, such as advertising opportunities, Web advertising, membership listings and more.

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