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Western Springs
Downtown Western Springs will be an economically sustainable center of community life, offering a charming and vibrant destination to meet daily and destination shopping and dining needs. The downtown will remain sensitive to the historic scale and character of Western Springs, while offering expanded opportunities to shop, live, work and play in a family friendly environment.

The Village of Western Springs, a non-home-rule community, was incorporated in 1886 and is approximately 16 miles west of the City of Chicago in Cook County. Western Springs is a small, stable, quiet community measuring 2.75 square miles bisected by the Burlington Northern Railroad. The Village Tower, which is located in the middle of town, is the symbol of Western Springs. It was built in 1892 and has served the Village in a variety of ways over the years. The Village is surrounded on three sides by incorporated municipalities and the fourth side is Bemis Woods, a Cook County Forest Preserve. In 2005 the Village annexed the last undeveloped parcel, Timber Trails, in adjacent unincorporated Cook County. It is a residential community with a small commercial district which serves the basic needs of the residents.

The Village prides itself in and derives its charm from the quality and diversity of its homes. Distinctive single family housing, superior schools, and access to Chicago through the Burlington Northern rail line have established the Village as a stable, family-friendly community. The Village recognizes that its homes represent its greatest asset and has had a watchful eye on the market downturns that have impacted the economy since 2008, as property taxes are the single largest revenue source that supports general operations. Fortunately, the Village has not experienced the steep peaks and valleys of the recent housing market. The median home price rose approximately 10.4 percent in 2013, according to Zillow. There were 39 teardowns in 2014, compared to 26 in 2013. The Timber Trails subdivision continued to show growth with the addition of several new single-family and townhouse units. Available inventory sold briskly throughout the year and phase two is now ready for construction.

There are two elementary school districts and one high school district providing public education to Village residents. In addition, there is one private grade school.

Civic Establishments

• The Village Club, located at the northeast corner of Chestnut Street and Lawn Avenue, provides social gatherings and sports events and is still an active social club.

• The Theatre of Western Springs was founded in 1929 and in 1946 the Children’s Theatre of Western Springs was founded. Producing 7 adult productions, 4 student productions and a holiday show each year, this theatre is a place where a community of all ages comes together to train for, explore and demonstrate the art of live theater. The Theatre of Western Springs is internationally recognized for its artistic excellence and its position of respect in Chicago’s creative community.

• Thomas Ford Memorial Library opened in 1932.

• The Grand Avenue Community Center (Chestnut and Grand) is the oldest stone public building still standing in Western Springs. The community center is home to the Senior Center, day care center and recreational activities.

• The Western Springs Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the village’s rich history with past, present, and future residents. The Society operates a free museum in the village’s historic water tower.e

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