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Avon residents find building a new town an exciting proposition. The town is governed by a five-member elected town council – three members by district and two at-large. The group then elects a council president who signs contracts, ordinances and decrees approved by the council. All members serve four-year terms. The clerk-treasurer and town judge position are also by election. The town manager, however, is appointed by the town council to oversee administrative staff.

The fire and police departments coordinate with each other throughout the county and use an innovative numbering system to make sure every emergency is properly addressed. (Thanks to good partnership agreements, Wayne Township firefighters in nearby Marion County can now assist when needed as well.)

The Washington Township Avon Fire Department boasts sufficient extraction equipment at each of its three stations, and it expects to add thermal imaging cameras as well.


The Avon Police Department covers over 150-lane miles, protecting approximately 10,000 citizens along its beat. The community also supports a canine unit. The Avon Police Department is currently looking forward to moving into its new headquarters, with construction slated to be complete by the summer’s end in 2007.

The Chamber of Commerce weighs in with nearly 200 members of this growing town. It recently opened its own independent office in the Hendricks Regional Health Center as part of its goals to support economic development.

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