Avon Community Introduction


Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Located a mere five minutes from Indianapolis city limits, Avon’s population has jumped from 1,000 residents in 1999 to one reaching almost 10,000 today.

With a population expected to number 20,000 by 2010, Avon is now recognized as the third-fastest growing town in Indiana after incorporating less than one decade ago.

Families and businesses residing in Avon take advantage of large land tracts to build their dream homes and enjoy a number of accessible amenities.

Old Farm Market

The community is comprised of friendly neighborhood atmospheres, a top-notch school system and public library, as well as a growing cadre of professional services and commercial interests to support the lifestyles of Avon residents.

Avon offers a mix of small-town comfort with immediate access to metropolitan conveniences, making the community an ideal place to live. It is a youthful, energetic atmosphere ready to welcome you. We invite you to check out Avon today!

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