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There may not be an easy way to gauge the favorite color of Boone County residents, but it certainly seems that green is a strong contender. At least it appears that way based on how businesses have shaped their eco-friendly initiatives. From office recycling programs and the use of environmentally sound

lighting to the support of environmentally responsible development, Boone County businesses and organizations have had great success in painting the towns, and the county, green.

Entrepreneur Matt McKinney and his wife use their recycling business to help the environment and local businesses by ensuring metals produced as part of industrial processes or just for everyday use can reenter the market to reduce the need for mining new resources. “What opportunities we provide to the public and also to the industrial community,” says Matt, “involve giving them a geographically feasible outlet for their aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, iron and steel, old items

that were either generated as a byproduct of the manufacturing process or from the general public, which is usually through obsolescence.”

Lebanon Utilities has taken additional steps to further conservation for the community, too. They have recently completed a campaign to hand out $1 off coupons for compact fluorescent bulbs. In addition, Lebanon Utilities looks to diversify their portfolio in terms of energy production. They currently provide mostly coal-powered energy, but in time hope to add cleaner energy, most notably wind-generated power.

Another major initiative under consideration involves allowing customers the opportunity to control usage of their own utilities thanks to two-way communication between Lebanon Utilities and its customers. “What you could do, theoretically,” explains Mike Martin, General Manager at Lebanon Utilities, “is you can have a wireless capability that will allow you, in the home, to control appliances and even the thermostat in order to reduce usage for our customers and help them to save money on their bills.” If implemented, the plan would allow customers control over how thrifty and how green they wanted to be, all with the full backing of Lebanon Utilities.

The most recent service addition to the area is Ray’s Trash Service, which was chosen to handle the trash and recycling duties of the Town of Zionsville starting in March 2009. Recognized as one of the largest recyclers in the state, Ray’s works to set an example of green responsibility among both residents and businesses. Ray’s is dedicated to providing quality services, such as recycling, that directly reduce waste and strives to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment within its well-equipped facilities—which are lined with efficient waste handling and recycling technologies.

Gabriel Metals, Lebanon Utilities and Ray’s Trash Service, among others, each exhibit how prominently conservation and green initiatives play in the area. As environmental issues continue to arise in Boone County, there is no doubt Boone County residents and businesses will dedicate more time to instituting further green measures.

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